BTTLNS Gods trisuit short sleeve Typhon 2.0 black/orange 16% discount BTTLNS Gods trisuit short sleeve Typhon 2.0 black/orange (0219008-120)

The Typhon 2.0 trisuit short sleeve from BTTLNS has been redesigned to provide ultimate comfort on all parts of a triathlon. The new CRE-UTR material on the front panel, arms and shoulders ensure a very high breathability, improved aerodynamics and feels very soft on the skin. Equipped with an Italian Tri-lite chamois for maximum comfort during long distances on the bike and almost disappears during swimming and running. The trisuit is finished in detail with FlatLock seams, Art-Elastic leg grippers, ZippCover, 2 HydroSpeed ​​bags and Speed ​​mesh panels.



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BTTLNS Goddess wetsuit Nereus 1.0 + Gift 9% discount BTTLNS Goddess wetsuit Nereus 1.0 (0120007-044)

The Goddes Nereus 1.0 from BTTLNS is a new, super flexible wetsuit developed by and for triathletes. This wetsuit has been specially developed for experienced swimmers who have a natural swimming position (high lower body position in the water). The Nereus has a 3mm neoprene material from chest to ankles which provides neutral buoyancy. 3mm 39#cell yamamoto neoprene on the arms and shoulders ensures that you won't feel the material when you swim.



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BTTLNS Gods wetsuit Tormentor 2.0 + Gift 9% discount BTTLNS Gods wetsuit Tormentor 2.0 (0120002-099)

The Gods Tormentor 2.0 from BTTLNS is completely renewed and even better than its predecessor. By using a super composite skin coating BTTLNS has found a way to minimize water resistance. Excellent flexibility is achieved by the use of a one-piece shoulder panel. This panel is made of high quality 1.5 mm Yamamoto 40#cell neoprene. By using a v-cut neck construction BTTLNS has succeeded in reducing pressure and abrasions in the neck area.



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BTTLNS Gods wetsuit Rapture 2.0 + Gift 10% discount BTTLNS Gods wetsuit Rapture 2.0 (0120005-034)

The Gods Rapture 2.0 from BTTLNS is a step forward with its improved material, structure, fit, but above all with its technological progress. This fantastic entry-level model uses Yamamoto neoprene. This world leader in neoprene production guarantees excellent flexibility, comfort and freedom of movement. On both arms, shoulders and armpits it is groundbreakingly thin. The used 2 mm panels of Yamamoto #39 cell provide the best possible flexibility. The 5mm neoprene material on the lower body provides the necessary buoyancy; perfect for novice swimmers! The Rapture 2.0 uses an optimized V neck for improved pressure distribution and reduction of a 'sticky feeling'.



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BTTLNS Goddess trisuit Sibyna 1.0 Sale BTTLNS Goddess trisuit Sibyna 1.0 (0217002-023)

The BTTLNS Goddess trisuit Sibyna 1.0 is well known by his perfect combination of a excellent breathability with a dynamic panel design. The Sibyna 1.0 features a special coating, this TRI coating avoids the absorption of water and ensures maximum performance. Maximum comfort is possible by a Tri-lite chamois that ensures enough support during the cycling part but prevents irritation during the swim and run. Flat lock stitches, BTTLNS art elastic leg grippers, Speed mesh panels and 3 HydroAero pockets ensures maximum comfort and excellent performance during your triathlon.



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BTTLNS Triathlon accessories discount package yellow Sale BTTLNS Triathlon accessories discount package yellow (0318004-666)

This BTTLNS Triathlon accessories discount package yellow ensures that you have all three necessary triathlon accessories needed to start a triathlon! 3 accessories that you as a triathlete can't miss when going to perform a triathlon competition. This discount package consists of a BTTLNS Race number belt, BTTLNS chipband and BTTLNS reflection quick lock laces reflective black.



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Battalyana, Goddes of Battle

Battalyana, Goddes of Battle, was born 1268 B.C.
She was the unknown daughter of Enyo, Goddes of War and was kept hidden for thousands of years.

The reason for the rise of Battalyana can only be guessed, but it is believed that her mother released her in 2016
to raise her own strong and determined army of Battalyans to conquer the world with the best performing athletes out there.