BTTLNS Typhon 2.0 trisuit short sleeve black/orange Gods 16% discount BTTLNS Typhon 2.0 trisuit short sleeve black/orange Gods (0219008-120)

This updated BTTLNS Typhon 2.0 trisuit short sleeve provides an ultimate comfort on all parts of a triathlon. The new CRE-UTR material on the front panel, arms and shoulders ensure a very high breathability, improved aerodynamics and feels very soft on the skin. Equipped with an Italian Tri-lite chamois for maximum comfort during long distances on the bike and almost disappears during swimming and running. The trisuit is finished in detail with FlatLock seams, Art-Elastic leg grippers, ZippCover, 2 HydroSpeed ​​bags and Speed ​​mesh panels.



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BTTLNS Goddess wetsuit Nereus 1.0 + Gift 9% discount BTTLNS Goddess wetsuit Nereus 1.0 (0120007-044)

The Goddes Nereus 1.0 from BTTLNS is a new, super flexible wetsuit. Specially developed by and for triathletes. The high quality neoprene from head to toe makes the Nereus shoot through the water. 3mm 39#cell yamamoto neoprene on the arms and shoulders make sure you don't feel the material when you're swimming. With good natural buoyancy, this is the ideal suit for you!



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BTTLNS Gods wetsuit Tormentor 2.0 + Gift 9% discount BTTLNS Gods wetsuit Tormentor 2.0 (0120002-099)

The  BTTLNS Gods Tormentor 2.0 is completely renewed and even better than its precursor. Through the use of a super composite skin coating, BTTLNS has found a way to minimize water resistance. Excellent flexibility is achieved by using a one piece shoulder panel. This panel was made out of high quality 1.5mm Yamamoto 40#cell neoprene. Through the use of a v-cut neck construction BTTLNS managed to reduce the pressure and chafing in the neck area.



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BTTLNS Gods wetsuit Rapture 2.0 + Gift 10% discount BTTLNS Gods wetsuit Rapture 2.0 (0120005-034)

The BTTLNS Gods Rapture 2.0 is on step ahead with its improved material, structure, fit, but most of all technological progress. While the rapture 1.0 was characterized as the ultimate choice entry level wetsuit, they did not take the Rapture 2.0 wetsuit into account. This fantastic entry level wetsuit uses Yamamoto neoprene. This world leader in the manufacturing of neoprene guarantees excellent flexibility, comfort and freedom of movement. On both arms, shoulders and armpits the wetsuit is groundbreakingly thin. The used 2 mm panels provide the best possible flexibility. The nanoAerodome material on the front and side gives you the necessary buoyancy.



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BTTLNS clear lens goggles black Essovius 1.0 10% discount BTTLNS clear lens goggles black Essovius 1.0 (0119004-001)

  The BTTLNS clear lens goggles Essovius 1.0 is one of the most comfortable goggles on the market, due to its fit around the eye socket. Developed with FFT "Face Fit Technology", a large gasket and a very soft silicone material that prevents leaking. This is the right goggle for swimmers who normally suffer from incoming water. The Essovius is equipped with a clear transparent lens for perfect vision during indoor trainings but is also suitable for swimmers who suffer from low visibility in open water. Durable quick-release system to easily adjust the goggles and anti-condensation lenses make this training goggles complete!



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BTTLNS Bike transport bag cyclocross Sanctum 27% discount BTTLNS Bike transport bag cyclocross Sanctum (0418006-010)

Are you going on a journey and do you want to take your bike with you on a safe way? This hybrid BTTLNS Bike transport bag cyclocross Sanctum provides the best protection possible! A combination of a hard case and soft case results in a combination which is not completely stiff, which means that hard impacts from the outside will be absorbed. This reduces the risk of cracks, chafing and damage! After disassembling the wheels, the steering wheel and the pedals, your cyclocross can be packed very easily in the travel bag. For safe transportation of your bicycle, we advise to use the following accessories: front fork adapterchain cover and frame pad.



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Battalyana, Goddes of Battle

Battalyana, Goddes of Battle, was born 1268 B.C.
She was the unknown daughter of Enyo, Goddes of War and was kept hidden for thousands of years.

The reason for the rise of Battalyana can only be guessed, but it is believed that her mother released her in 2016
to raise her own strong and determined army of Battalyans to conquer the world with the best performing athletes out there.