Triathlon wetsuits women

Triathlon wetsuits women

As a triathlete you can't perform in the openwaters without a BTTLNS triathlon wetsuit. The benefits you get from a triathlon wetsuit are just unbelievable; you will only understand the advantages from a BTTLNS wetsuit when you feel, test and wear it by yourself.

Extra buoyancy will ensure a perfect swim position in the water to improve your hydrodynamics which directly lead to a faster swimming time! Beside this, a wetsuit will protect your body against cold water to let you swim in the openwater during the early spring till the last atumn days. 

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BTTLNS Goddess wetsuit Inferno 1.0 + Gift 10% discount BTTLNS Goddess wetsuit Inferno 1.0 (0120006-045)

Boost your swim-performance with the BTTLNS Goddess Inferno 1.0 wetsuit. Through a combination of flexibility and buoyancy BTTLNS has a new mid-range topmodel. Specially designed and placed Nano-Aerodome panels ensure a nice and central buoyancy, this technique gives up to 30% more lift than traditional neoprene. Fully equiped with 2mm neoprene on the arms, a super flexible pressure lowering neckpanel and 1,5mm speedcuffs.



  Your discount €40,05 (Incl. VAT)

BTTLNS Goddess wetsuit Nereus 1.0 + Gift 9% discount BTTLNS Goddess wetsuit Nereus 1.0 (0120007-044)

The Goddes Nereus 1.0 from BTTLNS is a new, super flexible wetsuit developed by and for triathletes. This wetsuit has been specially developed for experienced swimmers who have a natural swimming position (high lower body position in the water). The Nereus has a 3mm neoprene material from chest to ankles which provides neutral buoyancy. 3mm 39#cell yamamoto neoprene on the arms and shoulders ensures that you won't feel the material when you swim.



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BTTLNS Goddess wetsuit Rapture 2.0 + Gift 10% discount BTTLNS Goddess wetsuit Rapture 2.0 (0120008-159)

The Goddes Rapture 2.0 from BTTLNS is a step forward with its improved material, structure, fit, but above all with its technological progress. This fantastic entry-level model uses Yamamoto neoprene. This world leader in neoprene production guarantees excellent flexibility, comfort and freedom of movement. On both arms, shoulders and armpits it is groundbreakingly thin. The used 2 mm panels of Yamamoto #39 cell provide the best possible flexibility. The 5mm neoprene material on the lower body provides the necessary buoyancy; perfect for novice swimmers! The Rapture 2.0 uses an optimized V neck for improved pressure distribution and reduction of a 'sticky feeling'.



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BTTLNS Goddess wetsuit Rapture 1.0 + Gift Sale BTTLNS Goddess wetsuit Rapture 1.0 (0118006-159)

The BTTLNS Goddess wetsuit Rapture 1.0 is the ultimate choice as entry-level wetsuit for women starting triathletes or for those who are looking for the best price-quality wetsuit available. Based on the material characteristics, structure and developments, the Rapture exceeds its competition by far! Made entirely from Yamamoto neoprene, the world leader in neoprene, which guarantees excellent flexibility, freedom of movement and comfort. Arms, shoulders and armpits made of 2mm for perfect flexibility and 5mm NanoAerodome on the front and side panels for a sublime buoyancy.



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BTTLNS Goddess wetsuit shield 1.0 + Gift Sale BTTLNS Goddess wetsuit shield 1.0 (0117002-023)

The BTTLNS Goddess wetsuit Shield 1.0 is the leading wetsuit of the Sea Warfare collection that offers a perfect combination between flexibility and buoyancy! New developed Extreme-Stretch 100% neoprene ensures an ultimate fit and excellent flexibility in the shoulder panels. The wetsuit features complete new floating technologies, which will guarantee a very stable and balanced position in the water. Airdrome Float neoprene enures a unimaginable buoyancy withouth lifting the underlegs too much to reduce the loss of power... in short, everything has been considered!



  Your discount €200,- (Incl. VAT)

Generally the insulation is created by the thin water layer between your body and the wetsuit. Important is the fit on your body to control the amount of water and to prevent cold waterflow inside your BTTLNS triathlon wetsuit. 

Determining the right size
The best way to choose the right size is to visit our BTTLNS shop to try all different kind of BTTLNS triathlon wetsuits in all different sizes. However, if this isn't a option for you, try to stay close to our BTTLNS sizing charts to consider the right wetsuit size. Facing any problems, questions or do you require personally advice? Immediately use our contact page and let our BTTLNS customer service team contact you! 

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