Triathlon wetsuits men

Triathlon wetsuits men

When talking about Triathlon wetsuits we generally narrow down to neoprene suits with an inner layer. Combining these two materials with different structures, ticknesses and quality ranges lead to different kind of neoprene panels with each his own individual characteristics in the water. Our BTTLNS developing team has the right knowledge of these materials to develop the most fastest, durable and comfortable wetsuits ever made! 

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BTTLNS Gods wetsuit Carnage 1.0 + Gift Sale BTTLNS Gods wetsuit Carnage 1.0 (0118004-088)

A distinctive wetsuit due to a combination of maximum flexibility and super balanced buoyancy, the BTTLNS Gods wetsuit Carnage 1.0! Developed with a NanoAerodome technology that ensures 30% more buoyancy, compared to conventional neoprene. Made of the most advanced neoprene material on the market on the shoulders and arms; Yamamoto #40 cell SCS neoprene for incredible flexibility and comfort. Completed with 2mm Pro-AeroFlow grippers, U-design silica gel holders and a Pro-YKK zipper, so you are not only wearing the fastest but also the most durable wetsuit!



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BTTLNS Gods wetsuit Carnage 2.0 + Gift 10% discount BTTLNS Gods wetsuit Carnage 2.0 (0120001-088)

The revolutionary Carnage 2.0 wetsuit is an absolute topmodel for long distance swimmers. By using Super compressed 0.5mm 44#cell neoprene it is even more flexible than it's predecessor the carnage 1.0. By combining this tremendous flexibility with Nano-Aerodome panels, BTTLNS has developed a new top of the bill wetsuit. The carnage 2.0 has been fully equiped with the most advanced techniques and technologies for unrivalled performance!  

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BTTLNS Gods wetsuit Inferno 1.0 + Gift 10% discount BTTLNS Gods wetsuit Inferno 1.0 (0120003-003)

Now available for athletes who are looking to boost their performance: The god's wetsuit Inferno 1.0! The ultimate use of flexible neoprene ensures optimal buoyancy, making this one of the topmodels amongst mid-range wetsuits. Through specially designed nano-Aerodome panels the Inferno ensures a stable position whilst swimming, this technique will give you 30% additional lift compared to traditional neoprene. Different aspects make sure the inferno will bring out the best of each athlete, fully equiped with speed cuffs - 2mm neoprene on the arms and a pressure lowering neckpanel.

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BTTLNS Gods wetsuit Nereus 1.0 + Gift 9% discount BTTLNS Gods wetsuit Nereus 1.0 (0120004-059)

The BTTLNS Gods Nereus 1.0 is a new, super flexible wetsuit. Specially developed by and for triathletes. The high quality neoprene from head to toe makes the Nereus shoot through the water. 3mm 39#cell yamamoto neoprene on the arms and shoulders make sure you don't feel the material when you're swimming. With good natural buoyancy, this is the ideal suit for you!



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BTTLNS Gods wetsuit Rapture 2.0 + Gift 10% discount BTTLNS Gods wetsuit Rapture 2.0 (0120005-034)

The BTTLNS Gods Rapture 2.0 is on step ahead with its improved material, structure, fit, but most of all technological progress. While the rapture 1.0 was characterized as the ultimate choice entry level wetsuit, they did not take the Rapture 2.0 wetsuit into account. This fantastic entry level wetsuit uses Yamamoto neoprene. This world leader in the manufacturing of neoprene guarantees excellent flexibility, comfort and freedom of movement. On both arms, shoulders and armpits the wetsuit is groundbreakingly thin. The used 2 mm panels provide the best possible flexibility. The nanoAerodome material on the front and side gives you the necessary buoyancy.



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BTTLNS Gods wetsuit shield 1.0 Sale BTTLNS Gods wetsuit shield 1.0 (0117001-023)

The BTTLNS Gods wetsuit Shield 1.0 is the leading wetsuit of the Sea Warfare collection that offers a perfect combination between flexibility and buoyancy! New developed Extreme-Stretch 100% neoprene ensures an ultimate fit and excellent flexibility in the shoulder panels. The wetsuit features complete new floating technologies, which will guarantee a very stable and balanced position in the water. Airdrome Float neoprene enures a unimaginable buoyancy withouth lifting the underlegs too much to reduce the loss of power... in short, everything has been considered!



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BTTLNS Gods wetsuit Tormentor 2.0 + Gift 9% discount BTTLNS Gods wetsuit Tormentor 2.0 (0120002-099)

The  BTTLNS Gods Tormentor 2.0 is completely renewed and even better than its precursor. Through the use of a super composite skin coating, BTTLNS has found a way to minimize water resistance. Excellent flexibility is achieved by using a one piece shoulder panel. This panel was made out of high quality 1.5mm Yamamoto 40#cell neoprene. Through the use of a v-cut neck construction BTTLNS managed to reduce the pressure and chafing in the neck area.



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BTTLNS Gods wetsuit Tormentor 1.0 + Gift Sale BTTLNS Gods wetsuit Tormentor 1.0 (0118005-022)

The BTTLNS Gods wetsuit Tormentor 1.0 is praised by its sublime freedom of movement around the shoulders and great buoyancy. Minimal water resistance due to Nano SCS coating technology and Pro-AeroFlow grippers for maximum transfer of power, resulting in your personal record time! "One piece shoulder panel design" made of 1.5mm Yamamoto #40 cell SCS neoprene for an amazing freedom of movement and maximum comfort. Strategic placement of buoyancy by a NanoAerodrome panel on the front of chest to knees so your water position is horizontal.



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During our development process we take into account the next seven major issues: buoyancy, flexibility, swimming form and technique, hydrodynamica, warmth, transition and a comfortable fit to let you perform on a triathlon like a real battalyan!

Determining the right wetsuit
The best way to choose the right wetsuit in combination with the right size is to visit our BTTLNS shop to try all different kind of BTTLNS triathlon wetsuits. However, if this isn't a option for you, try to stay close to our BTTLNS sizing charts to consider the right wetsuit size. Furthermore, read our product explanation and specs carefully. Facing any problems, questions or do you require personally advice? Immediately use our contact page and let our BTTLNS customer service team contact you! 

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